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Leadership and Committees

Resources for NAHB's Senior Officers, Leadership Council, Board of Directors, State Representatives, National Area Chairmen and committee members.

NAHB Governance and Leadership

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NAHB is a Federation of state and local home builder associations. Each association nominates delegates to the Leadership Council, and those delegates are elected by the members at the annual Meeting of the Members. This ensures there is a voice from every affiliated HBA, both large and small. View the Regional Leadership Map to see the NAHB leadership for each region of the country. The Leadership Council provides the policy priorities of the Association to the Board of Directors, which is comprised of directors elected by the Leadership Council.

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NAHB Senior Officers

NAHB’s national leadership team includes the Senior Officers of the Board, who are elected annually by the Leadership Council, and NAHB’s chief executive officer.

Regional Leadership Map See the NAHB leadership from each region of the country, including Senior Officers, National Area Chairmen and the Executive Officers Council regional directors.
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Senior Officers

The Senior Officers of the Board are elected annually. This section contains resources for the Senior Officers, including meeting details and materials.

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Leadership Council

The Leadership Council includes Builder and Associate members who provide direction to the Board of Directors on advocacy issues and industry policy.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, comprised of directors elected by the Leadership Council, focuses on the day-to-day business activities of the Association.

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NAHB committees give members with common interests an outlet to exchange ideas and develop policy to support the home building industry.

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National Area Chairmen

National Area Chairmen are elected by the Board of Directors to represent the interests and concerns of members from their area and the interests of Associate members.

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State Representatives

State Representatives serve to keep NAHB leadership informed of key developments within their states and provide service and information to their local associations.