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Solving the Lumber Crisis

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Although framing lumber prices have decreased in recent weeks since peaking in mid-May, the overall prices of wood products used in home building continue to soar. For example, the price of softwood plywood has increased by more than 200% and oriented strand board (OSB) prices have skyrocketed nearly 500% since April 2020.

Such price increases have added nearly $30,000 to the average price of a new single-family home, and nearly $10,000 to the average price of a new multifamily home.

NAHB, along with other industry stakeholders, recently participated in a virtual discussion with the White House regarding housing supply-chain challenges and possible solutions. NAHB stressed at this meeting that it is imperative lumber mill producers boost production to meet rising demand.

Lawmakers Speak Out on Lumber

See how government officials are calling for action to address rising prices and limited supply.

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Options for Industry Members

NAHB offers tools and resources to help you navigate the lumber price crisis.

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Framing Lumber Prices

See an overview of weekly price changes in the framing lumber market.

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Outreach to Lawmakers

See how NAHB is addressing concerns to the Biden administration and Congress.

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Lumber Webinar Series

Watch recordings of NAHB webinars on how to adapt to volatile lumber prices.
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Read about NAHB's efforts through the local, national and international news media.

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