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NAHB Policies

NAHB Policies

Official NAHB policy resolutions adopted by NAHB’s Leadership Council on key housing issues.

Policy Resolutions

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NAHB is an active participant on Capitol Hill and in the federal regulatory process, working hard to promote housing in America. Resolutions adopted by NAHB’s Leadership Council touch on key housing issues such as removing regulatory barriers to building affordable housing, protecting property rights, providing tax relief for small businesses, promoting smart growth, and assuring the U.S. housing finance system remains strong. These resolutions inform staff and volunteer advocacy work, whether we’re talking to federal legislators, writing comment letters on proposed regulations, or preparing the budget for the next fiscal year.

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Resolutions in the Pipeline for the 2021 Fall Leadership Meetings

Two resolutions have been submitted for consideration by the Leadership Council.

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Policy Resolutions Process

Resolutions inform staff work, whether we’re talking to federal legislators or writing comment letters on proposed regulations.

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Policy Handbook

All current NAHB policies approved by the Leadership Council are available as a download. 

NAHB’s Housing Portal

The housing portal provides customized economic data and polling results to illustrate the impact of housing across the country.

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